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October 15, 2018

Young A

Born and raised on the street of Shaolin Staten island, Young a found the way to express what is on his mind through his music. Young A start making music as early as 14 years old in his cousin’s basement, just learning to feel the beat. This dream didn’t come with its struggle and fights. A Young A appearance was not typical of the the mainstream hip hop artist of his time, that didn’t stop him. He pushed through and grew into the 23 yr old rapper of today!.

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  • Nilsa Diaz

    My son grown into a great young man n I couldn’t b more proud of him .mommy loves u !!! I support u with all my hear !

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  • Fred V

    Good stuff cuz, keep pushing you will be at the top if you keep working hard !!!

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  • Richard

    That’s my nephew …aka young A..I’m really proud of YOU. There’s no stoping you to the top .but plz remember the ppl that was LOYAL to YOu ..and that will be there at the end the world is yours Your UNC aka SHOGUNN …

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