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December 17, 2018

John Jigg$

In 2013 Jigg$ debuted his solo album “D.R.U.G.$ (Destined to Reach Undeniable Greatnes$). Without hesitation it gained momentum and Jigg$ received 2 Long Island Music Awards for Mixtape of the Year and Best New Artist. That debut album created notoriety and Jigg$ made an official name for himself in the music industry via media, press, radio, and performances. Delivering lyrics and punchlines with profound subject matter through his commanding voice, Jigg$ went on to debut his second project “D.R.U.G.$ (Destined to Reach Undeniable Greatnes$) Pt2” in 2014. Still gaining positive energy from his debut album, this sophomore project further solidified the buzz and fanfare and Jigg$ growth as an artist was evident. His grind and diligence in the scene resulted in a music investment that continues to headline major music and media outlets world wide including Asia, Sweden, France, and the UK.

In 2015 Jigg$ was eager to release another album titled “#51631”. In demand and under the radar of Infamous Records (Mobb Deep) and 50 Cent Jigg$ immediately headed back to the studio to plot his next big move. He only surfaced to light from the studio for radio appearances such as Sirius XM and show performances with 50 Cent, Camron, Mr. Cheeks, Erick Sermon, Jules Santana, DMX, Granddaddy IU, Black Moon, Special Ed, M.O.P., amongst other acclaimed major artists.

In 2016 Jigg$ released, now highly acclaimed and renowned album, “Twin Cannons.” The album produced entirely by Swedish legend K Sluggah, took over the indie Hip Hop arena which led to collaborative moves and business relationships with Granddaddy IU, Lord Finesse, Kid Capri, and Parish Smith (EPMD). Focusing on a continual grind for a global takeover, Jigg$ emerged as CEO of his own label MXMNXPXLY and released an EP with Mxnxpxly group members M.O.U.F & Rockwelz titled “Mxnxpxly Mayhem”.

To date, John Jigg$ concluded his first international tour and upon returning to the states fled right back into the studio, not to mention tearing down stages at Hot97 and BLI 106.1 Summer Jam Festivals. He released several singles, featured on numerous records including collaborations with Tuff Kong Record artists and Griselda Records artists. To date Jigg$ released his latest EP “Teflon John”. Never stagnant, he’s full throttle into a domestic and international radio and concert tour.

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